Serving Priests

Year ServedPriestNotes
1688-1701Richard Levison S.J.
1702-1719Robert ManningDied at Ingatestone 1731, buried in the Anglican parish church, Ingatestone
1719-1771John Dudley DiggsAssisted by John Sudell 1769-1771
1771-1776John SudellAlso served by Christopher Taylor (who was the missioner at Thorndon Hall, 1762-1786)
1776-1784Charles Berington D.D.Assisted by Thomas Gabb in 1773
1784-1805Thomas BeringtonHad resided at Ingatestone Hall since 1779
1805-1823John ClarksonHad resided at Ingatestone Hall since 1803; buried in the Anglican churchyard, Ingatestone
1823-1825James Quin
1825-1828Philip John Mark O’Reilly O.P.
1827-1832John LawOverlapped with O’Reilly for a few months
1832-1892George Edward LastCanon of Westminster, 1852; buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery, Ingatestone. Assisted by Joseph Heditch 1891-1892
1892Henry Murray (pro-tem)
1892-1904Edmund Meyer
1904-1934Roderick James Archibald GrantCanon of Brentwood, 1927; first priest at new church, 1932
1934-1935Francis Branney (Priest-in-charge)
1935-1965Hugh Cecil VerityBuried in Fryerning cemetery. Assisted by James Anthony Allis 1964-1965
1965-1968James Anthony Allis
1968-1969Patrick William Curran Ph.D.
1969-1972Alan Kingston Wilcox B.A.
1972-1980Edmund Tyler J.C.L.
1980-1988John M. Glynn
1988-2000Gordon Francis Read M.A., B.D., J.C.L.
2000-2005Christopher Brooks M.A., S.T.B., Ps.L., F.C.A.Vicar General 2000, Domestic Prelate 2001
2005-2016David Manson LL.B., S.L.L.Vicar General & Domestic Prelate 2001
2016-2019Anthony Cho
Mar-Sept 2020Fr Matthias Baidoo
2020Canon Peter Connor OFS
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