Parish Finance

The Offertory is the most important and highest income for the Parish but not everyone can come to Mass every week so setting up a standing order would help greatly.

Joining the Gift Aid Scheme means that for every £100 contributed through Gift Aid, £25 can be reclaimed from HMRC for the Parish. It's very simple to join, all that is needed is your address and for someone in your family to be be a UK taxpayer. The scheme is completely confidential and there is an added personal benefit if you are a higher rate taxpayer.

Downloads of the Gift Aid and Standing Order forms can be found below along with "Gift Aid Explained" for further information about the scheme. Printed copies are also available at the back of the Church.

Making a gift in your Will to our parish.  Making a small gift in your Will could be a very fitting way to acknowledge the spiritual help and the companionship you have received from the Parish.  If you are considering doing this please contact the Parish Finance Chair, Darryl Sankey for further information on Tel: 07905222691, Email:  Please be assured that any contact you make will be treated as confidential.

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