Holy Communion

Each May/June the churches of St. John the Evangelist & St. Erconwald (Ingatestone) and Our Lady & St. Joseph (Stock) celebrate as a number of children receive their first Holy Communion.

The children (aged 7+) commence preparation in the early part of the year by attending a series of Saturday morning themed sessions facilitated by a group of catechists. Within this programme they are also prepared for their first reconciliation (confession). , supported by the catechists, holds sessions for the parents which explore the Biblical and Church traditions behind the themes of the Children’s sessions.

The first Holy Communion Masses are a great celebration and are followed by the ‘going forth’ Masses. As the children once again wear their special dresses and ties, this gives all parishioners a chance to share in the celebration and say special prayers for the children as they progress on their journey of faith with Jesus.
2017 1st Holy Communion children presented at 11am Enrolment Mass on the 15th January together with their parents, catechist and parish priest.

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