Church Maintenance

There are many ways that you can help the community of St John the Evangelist and St Erconwald and as you will appreciate there are many items of routine maintenance that are always outstanding. You will of course be reimbursed for any materials used - all you have to volunteer is your most precious resource - your skills and your time.

If you feel that you have the specific skills and the time available to take responsibility for an item on the list below, please email with "Church Maintenance" as the subject. 

Please also make it clear which job number you are are volunteering for, along with your contact details and a date/timeline of when you can perform the task. We are extremely grateful for your help.

Job No. Category Description
79 Nave Aquire and install a box and forms so that people can suggest maintenance job needed
63 Confessional Edges of step highlighted
4 Entrance Lobby Aquire and install child locks on cupboards
31 Entrance Lobby Aquire a dirty washing basket and enough tea towels for single use only
65 Entrance Lobby Edges of stairs highlighted
32 Loo Aquire a supply of disposable sanitary waste bags
39 Parish Room Aquire and install a CO detector
48 Parish Room Aquire and install new lock doors to garden with non key opening from inside (re: fire escape)
6 Parish Bolier Room Aquire and install a hasp and clasp lock on boiler room door also add a laminated sign "Authorised access only"
9 Kitchen Aquire and install a CO detector above head height
44 Sitting Room Disconnect and cap gas fire
42 Bedroom 1 Aquire and install a CO detector
66 Car Park Edges of stairs highlighted
2 Policies Redo H&S policy to include fire and lone working violence at work contractor obligations young people
29 Surveys Update asbestos survey
53 Boxes Create fire packs detailing block plan with hazards, in case of fire, marked and evacuation policy etc

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