Altar Servers

In recent years St John’s has been blessed with a wonderful group of young Altar servers (both girls and boys). We are also very much indebted to those studying at university who return to serve during holidays.

Once a child has made their First Holy Communion they are eligible to assist the priest by serving at the altar. If you feel that you would like to serve God at the altar please ask an existing Altar Server for more details on how to get involved.

The Guild of St Stephen The Guild was founded in London in 1905, with the aim of improving the standards of serving. Our patron is St Stephen (the first Martyr).  The Guild of St Stephen was approved by Pope Pius X in 190 and is now a worldwide organisation. When a person has served regularly on the altar for 10 years they are eligible for the Guild’s Silver Medal. In previous years two of our young servers (Rebecca and Rachel) were presented with their silver Medals by the Parish Priest in recognition of their loyal service.

Altar Servers in the Diocese of Brentwood In our Diocese there are 92 parishes and over 2000 servers.  It is encouraging that in many cases the children of former young servers have also become altar servers.

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